100 % of all domain ownership transfers are completed within 1 hours. The seller first delivers the domain to us, then we send you your tailored transfer instructions. Need help? Our domain ownership transfer specialists will assist you at no additional cost.

A. First Option : Push Tansfer

√ Instant Domain Transfer Process in Minute

√ 100 % Recommend For Push Transfer Domain

√ No need wait day by day 

√ Less than 1 hours

√ Simple and Very Fast

√ Domain transfered via PUSH instantly in minute after we successfully verified buyers payment

B. Second Option : Transfer To Different Registrar

Domain transfer to different registrar need 3 – 5 days before you can manage domain on your preferred registrar. We will give Auth Code or EPP Code after we have successfully verified your payment

Please note that process of domain transfer in every registrar is different, its depend on your favourite registrar policy, but average on 3 – 5 days or less. Or you could contact your registrar and  ask how long when you want to transfer domain from other registrar.

V.Services really recommend on PUSH transfer in same registrar, so you can manage domain immediately after we have successfully verified your payment. But you could choose final decision based your the best option.

Preferred Customers Data Domain Transfer

√ Transfer Domain via PUSH in same registrar : 97,25%

√ Transfer Domain via AUTH Code / EPP to Different Registrar : 2,75%

Whatever your choice, we always help you to own valuable domain instantly.