Wire transfer or bank wire is best payment method and accepted in over all the world. We recommend that buyers use wire transfer as best option to make a payment. Alternatively , buyers could send payment with another method below :


When transaction under $ 500.00

Paypal is alternative option to pay your invoice, but we only accept paypal when total amount of price under $ 100. We never recommend paypal as payment method to give buyers maximum privacy.

Credit Card

When total transaction $ 101.00 –  $ 499.00

Credit card is your personal pocket, we really never recommend credit card as your payment option to buy domain from us. Avoid pay with your credit card to ensure your data always safe.

Security is more important than velocity of transaction. Secure your card data and never share with other third service.

Moneback Guarantee payment refund policy

Wire Transfer ( Recommend Method)

Using wire transfer when total transaction over  $ 500.00 – $ 99,999

Wire transfer is best method to make a payment. Its safest method to send money and 100 % legal accepted in all countries in the world.  Every bank in the world  is monitored and audited by their government.

Beside that, wire transfer is easiest method to buy domain from V.Services. Wire transfer is guaranteed by law of government, every customers get buyers protection by bank. So choose this method as your main option to make a payment wherever you are.

Crypto / Blockchain Payment

Optional : Using any crypto payment method when total transaction over than $ 100,000